USCGC Sagebrush

USCGC SAGEBRUSH. US Coast Guard photograph.

USCGC Sagebrush (WLB-399) was a 180-foot US Coast Guard seagoing buoy tender. Her keel was laid down on 15 July 1943; she was launched on 30 September 1943 and commissioned on 1 April 1944. She was decommissioned on 26 April 1988 and scuttled as an artificial reef on 28 April 1988, 17 nautical miles east of St. Catherines Island, GA. She rests at a depth of 70 ft within the bounds of Reef J.

NOAA Ship Nancy Foster covered Sagebrush during her 2006 multibeam cruise NF-06-07-GRNMS. Multibeam sonar data is available from the National Geophysical Data Center.