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34° 13.682'N
76° 33.893'W
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U-352 wreck. 1m resolution multibeam.

German U-boat U-352 was sunk in Onslow Bay, North Carolina by USCGC Icarus on May 9, 1942. She rests at a depth of 112 ft.

NOAA Ship Nancy Foster surveyed the wreck site of U-352 in September 2010. Survey NF-10-11-LF was conducted for the Assessment of Lionfish Ecosystem Impacts cruise.

Multibeam survey data is available from the National Geophysical Data Center.

  • U-352 wreck. 1m resolution multibeam.
  • U-352 coordinates.
  • U-352. 3D multibeam perspective view.
  • U-352 wreck. 3D perspective of raw multibeam soundings.
  • Multibeam overview of U-352 wreck site. 1m resolution.

Posted: May 11, 2015


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