J.A. Bisso

J.A. Bisso 3D Multibeam

J.A. Bisso was a steel steam screw tugboat (102 ft x 24 ft) of 246 gross tons and 1200 indicated horsepower. Originally named Alaska, she was built at Sorel, Quebec in 1906. Alaska was sold to the New Orleans Coal & Bisso Towboat Co. in 1929 and renamed J.A. Bisso. In 1948 she was converted from steam to diesel. J.A. Bisso foundered enroute from Sabine, Texas to New Orleans, Louisiana. Today she rests upright on the seafloor in 65 ft of water.

J.A. Bisso was surveyed for NOAA in 2009 by C & C Technologies aboard the M/V Inez McCall. NOAA survey ID H12056.